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Allegheny West Announces Conference Cabinet (Circuits and Presiding Elders)

Allegheny West Provisional Annual Conference today announced the appointment of the Conference Cabinet.

“I’m excited to share the journey of the next steps of our journey to becoming one as an annual conference with these colleagues,” said Rev. Dr. Jeff Greenway, President Pro-Tempore. “They represent a wide variety of experience and expertise and are representative of our three former conferences. Some are retired—the majority are still serving local churches.  I have valued working in partnership with Greg Stover, the Dean of the Cabinet, in shaping the work of the Cabinet in our Conference and am excited about the gifts each of these persons bring to our work.”

Allegheny West Provisional Annual Conference Cabinet

Circuits and Presiding Elders

  1. Akron/Canton (East OH) – Chet Harris
  2. Alliance/Youngstown (East OH/Western PA) – Byron Bufkin
  3. Cincinnati (West OH) – Mark Rowland
  4. Cleveland (East OH) – Donna Mills
  5. Columbus East/Delaware (OH/West OH) – Dave Carter
  6. Columbus West/Marysville (West OH) – Nathan Custer
  7. Dubois (Western PA) – Brett Dinger
  8. Erie (East OH/Western PA) – Duk-Hee Han
  9. Findlay Flatlands (West OH) – Richard Hiltibran
  10. Hillsboro (West OH) – Dennis Mohler
  11. Indiana (Western PA) – Bill Blair
  12. Johnstown (Western PA) – Randy Bain
  13. Marietta (East OH/West OH) – Ray Kane
  14. Millersburg (East OH) – Paula Koch
  15. New Philadelphia (East OH) – Harley Wheeler
  16. Pittsburgh North (Western PA) – Chris Kindle
  17. Pittsburgh South (Western PA) – Laura Saffell
  18. Sidney (West OH) – Tom Hanover
  19. Somerset (Western PA) – Doug Burns
  20. Toledo (East OH/West OH) – Joel Schutte
  21. Warren (Western PA) – Mark Hecht
  22. Zanesville (West OH) – John Alice

Cabinet Officers
Dean: Greg Stover
Secretary: Tim Goodman
President Pro Tempore: Jeff Greenway

Click here for a printable copy of the Cabinet roster.


More about the Role of Presiding Elder

“Given the nature of our work, I have tasked each presiding elder with identifying a team in each circuit to help them share the load and multiply their ministry,” said Dr. Greenway. 

The work focus of the Presiding Elder is three-fold:

MENTOR/COACH—to work with other leaders in the circuit to develop best practices for spiritual and temporal leadership of the pastors and churches.

MISSION STRATEGIST—to work with other leaders to develop shared mission values, mission partners (local, regional, national, and international), and the strategy for planting churches.

APPOINTMENT MAKING—to work with the churches, pastors, and appointive cabinet when assistance or change in pastoral leadership is needed/merited.

The Allegheny West Provisional Annual Conference Cabinet appointments are effective Sep 1, 2023.