Conference Protection Policy – MinistrySafe

One of the first priorities of the Global Methodist Church (GMC) is to provide for the protection of children, youth, and vulnerable adults.  The GMC has partnered with MinistrySafe to provide training and services to all GMC churches.  The services (except for background checks) are at no cost to GMC churches.

At our Annual Conference in October, as part of our business session, we approved the Allegheny West Annual Conference CODE OF CONDUCT FOR THE PROTECTION OF CHILDREN, YOUTH, AND VULNERABLE ADULTS.  Effective January 1, 2024, all conference churches are required to adopt this policy as their basic standard.  The Code of Conduct for the protection of children, youth and vulnerable adults is attached and can be found on the conference website under Resources/Church Forms.  Local churches may choose to enhance this policy, but they cannot go below this as a minimum standard.

Churches may continue with their current background check provider or use Ministry Safe.  All churches will utilize the online training provided by Ministry Safe as a minimum training program.

Beginning January 1, 2024, no person shall serve as a staff member, servant, or student servant until he/she has completed the required MinistrySafe online training.  It is vital for the senior pastor to identify a responsible person to administer the MinistrySafe Online Training Program.  This may be the same person who currently performs background checks.

The online training consists of 10 video sessions totaling 62 minutes.  After watching the videos, you will complete a 25-question multiple choice quiz.  If you get 70% or higher, you pass, and a training certificate is generated with your name on it.  We have found the training to be straight forward and very informative.  It’s important to better understand where the exposures are in order to best protect our children, youth and vulnerable adults.

Churches go online to sign up at  There is a “coupon” code provided to enter (GMC2023) when your “administrator” signs up.  The administrator will fill out the identifying information about their church and their Conference; including a credit card or bank account (for charges if they run background checks through MinistrySafe).  They create a login and password.

The administrator will identify the staff member(s), servant(s), or student servant(s) who are required to take training and the system will contact them by email to take the training.

The site also includes sample forms and documents, 13 additional specific training videos, and background checks.

Each church should share this policy with its leadership and congregants, notifying congregants that it applies to all events and that the Conference has adopted the MinistrySafe Safety System for screening and training applicants desiring to serve as staff, servants, and student servants. It is important that the local church leadership and congregation understand the obligations of staff members, servants, and student servants in protecting and supporting the healthy development of our children, youth, and vulnerable adults.

Throughout the gospels, Jesus provides teachings on providing a peaceable kingdom for all of God’s people, including our most precious gifts, our children and youth (Matthew 5:9, Luke18:15-17). The peaceable kingdom begins with sanctuary: a protective, nurturing, and harmonious community (Psalms 20:1-2, 27:4-5). Therefore, as Christians, we are called to create this environment in our conference, circuits, and congregations. These spaces must be holy, safe, and protective of all of God’s children, regardless of their age or ability.

The protection of children, youth and vulnerable adults is a priority for our denomination, conference, and the local church.  We trust you will appreciate the thoughtfulness put into this policy and experience the usefulness of the training and the services provided by MinistrySafe.