Connectional Giving – How to Calculate Amount Due

An Overview: Connectional Funding in the Global Methodist Church

Local churches invest in the ministries and missions of the Global Methodist Church through Connectional Giving.  The name “connectional” reminds all local churches that they are part of one body working together to share the Gospel all around the world. The general church and the annual conferences will establish a percentage each local church is to set aside for connectional funding (based on annual base revenue). The local church determines its annual base revenue.  Read more about the purposes of connectional funding in this article recently published by the Global Methodist Church.

How to Calculate Your Church’s Connectional Giving Amount Due to Allegheny West Annual Conference

First, understand that if your church is joining July 1 or later, you will calculate your connectional giving on half of your base annual revenue. This is because your church is joining the Global Methodist Church and the Annual Conference for the last half of the year.

Next,  read the form called “Connectional Giving Instructions” for help in understanding what to include (and what to deduct) in your church revenue calculation. *Note that for 2023 you can deduct (on the benevolence line) the apportionment your church paid to United Methodist Church as part of your exit requirement.

After you’ve read the instructions, complete the form called “Connectional Giving Income Calculation Chart.” The form will walk you through what to include in your annual revenue, and what you’ll deduct to calculate a base annual revenue for connectional giving purposes.

Remember, because you are joining for the last half of the year, divide your base annual revenue by two. You are now ready to calculate your connectional giving amount, based on a percentage of ½ your annual base revenue rate.

Your Allegheny West Annual Conference connectional giving amount is 3% (of HALF your annual base revenue for the last half of 2023).

Once you’ve divided ½ of your base annual revenue by 3%, you now know your total amount due to Allegheny West Annual Conference for connectional giving. If your church pays the total amount due within 60 days, you can deduct 5% from the total amount due, as a discount for prompt payment.

Where to Find Forms to Calculate Connectional Giving Amount and Forms to Include When Submitting Payment

All the forms mentioned in this article, as well as payment forms, are available on our website on the Church Forms page under the Resources tab. After completing your payment form for Allegheny West, send a check for the appropriate amount to the address provided on the payment form.