Delegation to General Conference

Clergy Delegates:  Jeff Greenway (Delegation Chair), David Watson, Janet Lord, Dan Gildner, Steve Cordle, Duk Hee Han, Greg Stover, Debo Onabanjo, Laura Saffell, Nathan Fugate, Bill Blair, Tori Heath, Mike Grant, Paula Koch, Dave Carter, Byron Bufkin

Clergy Alternates: Brett Dinger, Tim Goodman, Keith McIlwain

Clergy Reserves: Donna Mills, Dawn Krishart, Tom Tumblin, Caleb Speicher, Randy Bain, Mark Hecht

Lay Delegates: Chris Steiner (Delegation Co-Chair), Dale Fincher, Bill Patrick, Isaya Miller, Robin Hovis, Tami Washington, Neil Schindledecker, Kat Straub, Kathy Rohrs, Renaye Hoffman, Tim Layton, Jason Nies, Susan Guttag, Nancy Fassnacht, Jeffrey Moore, Gail Cook

Lay Alternates:  James Pollitt (Delegation Secretary), Amy Forte, Rhae Brown

Lay Reserves: Tybo Willhelms, Jarrett Saffell, Robyn McIlwain, Ted Penner, Darlene Bain, Janice Owen

The Delegates and Alternates will be representing the congregations of the Allegheny West Provisional Annual Conference in Costa Rica. We elected the Reserves in case persons elected ahead of them are not able to fulfill their responsibilities—or if the General Commission on General Conference allocates more delegates to our Annual Conference. In either case, the reserved delegates will be elevated in order of election.

Each person representing the conference will be responsible for raising or supplying the funds needed for their travel, ground transportation, lodging and meals. Please pray for our delegation. Ask God for provision and resources—wisdom and discernment—the heart and mind of Christ—an overwhelming sense of unity and common vision—and a Spirit-controlled temperament as they engage in this important work.

Print a copy of the delegate roster here.