Miracle Offering – Annual Conference 2024

A Message from President Pro-Tempore Rev. Jeff Greenway

The  Miracle Offering goal for 2024 is $150.000.  Funds will go toward meeting some immediate needs related to our Annual Conference Mission Partnership with the Kenya-Ethiopia Conference.  Rev. Wilton Odongo, the President Por-Tempore, and his leadership have a pressing need for the following:

  • 6 motorcycles—these will be used by the Presiding Elders to itinerate in their circuits.  The cost of each motorcycle is $1,500 for a total of $9,000
  • 1 used SUV vehicle to be used by the President Pro Tempore to give him dependable transportation as he itinerates across the country.  Persons familiar with Kenya testify this is an absolute necessity.  The cost for a used SUV is estimated to be $35,000.
  • Provide the mandatory classes in Global Methodist History, Polity, and Doctrine that 50 pastors in Kenya need to take before they can be ordained next year.  The total estimated cost of providing the class for 50 clergy (which includes transportation, tuition, books, lodging, food, and registering the school with the country of Kenya) is $50,000.

Our Kenya-Ethiopia Mission Partnership Team would also like to develop an escrow of at least $50,000 to help bridge the gap of needs until we can build the partnership between the circuits in Allegheny West and Kenya-Ethiopia.

The Miracle Offering Goal is $150,000.  I believe this is attainable.  I’ve already been informed by three small churches that they’ve raised enough to pay for a motorcycle each.  Another church I know designated 100% of their Easter offering for the Miracle Offering. Another church is collecting coins during lent to help pay for a motorcycle.  I know of a small group that’s decided to provide at least $300 to help pay for a pastor’s education.  Amazing!

I encourage you to give your congregation the opportunity to give above and beyond your normal giving toward this offering.

During the next few months, we are also seeking twelve of our circuits who will be willing to partner with six of their circuits. These partnerships will focus on  providing basic salary support for their presiding elders and pastors (about $200 per presiding elder and $100 per pastor per month) and begin to identify other projects (building church buildings, assisting with launching micro-businesses, providing clean water, etc.) in each circuit.

God bless you in advance for your generosity!